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Create social, interactive infographics which ask questions and visualise data — for visual content marketing that converts.

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a creative tool for content marketers.

Stipso is built for visual content marketing. Living Infographics mash up interactive polls and data visualisation, enabling you to create beautiful, social content that grows as people engage.


Tell a story. Ask a question. Start a conversation. Invite your audience to contribute and co-create with you.


Stipso visualises user contributions in real time, creating infographics that grow and blossom as people engage.


Living Infographics are beautiful visual content tailor-made for the social web. Engage people, not Google robots.

What can it do?

death to boring surveys. long live living infographics.

Stipso is the creative marketer’s new best friend — a powerful creative tool built for the social web.


A simple canvas with a powerful, intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes creating engaging, interactive visual content faster, easier and less costly than ever.


Stipso is built for creatives. It’s your brand. Your style. Your campaign. You upload the infographic, we make it interactive — and bring it to life.


The power of social sharing is at the heart of Stipso. You can even publish directly to your Facebook page, so you can engage with your audience where they live.


Stipso is a team player, built to work with the tools you rely on – from rich media, to MailChimp and HubSpot forms, to Google Analytics and beyond. 


Let's talk about you.

From the enterprise CMO to the lone startup marketer, Stipso has a plan that’s right for you. 

stipso for in-house marketers

For companies who create their own content in-house, Stipso offers a new way to produce sophisticated visual content in a time- and resource-efficient way.

Plans & Pricing

stipso For Agencies

Our agency plan is geared to the unique requirements of the digital agency, whether you’re a global group or a boutique creative shop.

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