Welcome back to our weekly roundup of the best commentary and thought leadership in content marketing, social media, SEO and data design. Leading this week’s digital digest:

  • credibility versus clickbait in the headline science debate;
  • the UX and marketing gold startups can find in their bug reports;
  • what branded content means for Medium;
  • is content marketing sabotaging your revenues?

Credibility vs clickability

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Is that "mind-blowing" title blowing your credibility?

Headline science, the curiosity gap and copywriting for clicks: Isla McKetta on the wildly divergent opinions and data in the clickbait-vs-credibility debate.

The anatomy of user experience design

Marketing for startups: Customer support is a UX insight goldmine

Stipso's UI/UX lead Ivana McConnell explores what you learn about user experience from your bug reports and customer complaints.

Medium's plan for branded content: sell time, not pageviews

How Medium are monetising genuine engagement, not soft metrics.

How creating content could sabotage your revenue

The doomsday scenario for content marketers: if your content solves the same problem as your product, are you cannibalising your own business?


Content promotion with paid, earned and owned media

Chad Pollitt offers a crash course in creative content promotion across paid, earned and owned channels.

Data geek or storyteller? Today's CMO must be both

The CMO role is getting more complicated by the day — so how do you balance qualitative and quantitative concerns?

Five questions about content marketing analytics

A new infographic from Captora provides some fascinating insight into discerning your content marketing's ROI.

#oneSecond by Philipp Adrian

Infographic of the week: one second on Twitter, visualised

Swiss designer Philipp Adrian's amazing dataviz documents just one second of Twitter activity for posterity.